Andrew Schapiro Design Brand Portfolio

Airbnb Employee Experience

The Airbnb brand starts within the company’s walls. I partnered closely with Airbnb’s Founders and its Employee Experience teams throughout my tenure at the company to shape how thousands of employees around the world would experience the brand and culture.

From developing and stewarding core values, to creative directing global events, to designing award-winning office spaces, my team and I built an enduring expression of what it means to be part of the AirFam.

New Hire Welcome Materials

Role: Creative Direction
Design: Derek Chan
Production: Lindsey Linger, Ben Kasman

One Airbnb 2014

Role: Creative Direction
Design: Derek Chan, Morgan Ruby, Aaron Taylor Harvey, Rachael Harvey
Production: Lindsey Linger, Ben Kasman

One Airbnb 2017

Role: Design & Creative Direction
Design: Beth Abrahamson, Lisa Mishima, Lawrence Davidson, Koto Studio
Illustration: Jonathan Calugi
Production: Harrison Watkins, Alexandra Williams, OMFGCO Studio

Airbnb Headquarters

Design: WRNS Studio, Aaron Taylor Harvey, Rachael Harvey, Tim Belonax
Photography Art Direction: Carrie Levy

Todd Selby’s Airbnb Journey

Design: Andrew Schapiro
Production: Celeste Noche, Reymundo Perez, Adam Bordow

Airbnb Core Values

Design: Derek Chan, Andrea Nguyen
Production: Ben Kasman, Alexandra Williams