Andrew Schapiro Design Brand Portfolio


The founders of Calm, the mental health app, hired me as their first Creative Director during a period of hypergrowth. My mandate was to build a team and set the brand up for success as we explored new, broader business opportunities.

I established Calm’s in-house creative team, the Brand Studio, and scaled it to more than a dozen fulltime and freelance employees across design, copy, photography, motion, production, and project management. Our work shaped most facets of the company, from the core product to 360 marketing campaigns to B2B branding and more.

In addition to leading a team and overseeing ongoing creative work, I initiated a comprehensive, cross-functional rebranding effort that started with the company’s mission and values and culminated in visual identity solutions that would unlock the ability for Calm to become a global lifestyle brand.

During my time at Calm, revenue grew 2x, we raised a Series C round that valued the company at $2B, and we were named one of AdAge Magazine’s “Marketers of the Year.”

Breathe Into It Campaign

Role: Strategy, Creative Direction
Production: Victoria Estevez, Mariola Costa
Art Direction: Jenna Carando, Jared White
Photography: Chantal Anderson
Director of Photography: Peter McCullough
Copy: Tyler Sharkey
Marketing: Katie Shill, Beth Teague

Sleep Remix Music Series

Role: Creative Direction
Design & Production: Enes Alili
Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas
Motion Graphics: Jonathan Larson
Marketing: Nikki Bazzani

Calm Together Wellness Hub

Role: Creative Direction
Design Direction: Jenna Carando
Production: Victoria Estevez, Mariola Costa
Design: Vedros Studio
Copy: Christi-an Slomka

Lama Rod Owens Meditation Series

Role: Creative Direction
Art Direction: Alfredo Torres
Production: Victoria Estevez, Anne Van Gorp
Marketing: Nikki Bazzani

Brand Studio Quarterly Newsletter

Role: Strategy, Creative Direction
Issue 1 Design & Production: Enes Alili
Issue 2 Design & Production: Andrew Schapiro